For over 35 years, our team of insurance professionals has worked hand in hand with Earthmoving and Civil Contractors across Australia to bring you effective and affordable insurance solutions.

In the early 2000’s, we realised that the industry had come to a standstill - All policies and insurance covers available fell short of customers’ needs and expectations; with all options requiring our clients to make compromises on what coverage was most important to them.

Given our significant database of clients, and the understanding we had compiled from our clients’ diverse exposures not being met, we committed ourselves to developing HMIS – Heavy Motor and Machinery Insurance Solutions.

By bundling the necessary benefits of all available offerings in the insurance industry and combining this with a thorough annual review and improvement regime, we developed a product like no other. We now maintain a top-tier Earthmoving and Civil Contracting insurance solution.

We have negotiated a long-term commitment with National Transport Insurance, Australia’s largest heavy transport insurer, bringing the support of two of Australia’s most reputable underwriters, AAI Insurance (Suncorp) and CGU Insurance.


  • Contractual Liability
  • No Radius Restrictions
  • No Age or inexperienced excesses for plant and machinery operators
  • Automatic Additions of up to $500,000
  • Wet and Dry Hire
  • Hired in Plant / Vehicles cover
  • Damage to Underground Services up to the full Liability Limit
  • And much much more.


This combination of product coverage and insurer support (as well as the standard Machinery and Liability coverages) means HMIS has got your back!

We help businesses across these industry segments:


Heavy haulage

Infrastructure services



Piling & Shoring



Sand & Gravel


Road making

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The HMIS advantage is in the significant enhancements not offered by an off-the-shelf policy, such as:

No Co-insurance or Average Clause (no penalty for under insurance)

Contractual Liability

No radius restrictions - Australia wide cover

Agreed value available

Automatic Additions up to $500,000

No age or inexperienced excesses applicable to plant and machinery operators

Unlimited Towing Costs following an accident or theft

Return of repaired unit to job site

Funeral expenses

Wet and Dry Hire

Hired In Plant / Vehicles

Retrieval Costs to recover immobilised unit where there is no damage

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If you're an Earthmoving Contractor and/or Civil Contractor, and you’ve not gotten a quotation from HMIS then please contact our office on 1800 629 701.

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