Earthmoving Industry and Mining Contractors.

Heavy Motor & Machinery Insurance Solutions.

HMIS Heavy Motor, Mobile Plant & Machinery Insurance Solutions

HMIS has for many years specialised in developing low cost insurance solutions for owners and operators of plant and machinery.

We offer great plant, machinery and motor insurance backed by Australia’s largest insurance companies so before your current policies expire, get a quote from us.

Our HMIS product is suited to businesses operating in the following industry segments;


Heavy haulage

Infrastructure Services



Piling & Shoring



Sand & Gravel


Road making

The HMIS advantage is in the significant enhancements not offered by an off-the-shelf policy; such as;

No Co-insurance or Average Clause (no penalty for under insurance)

Contractual Liability

No radius restrictions - Australia wide cover

Agreed value available

Automatic Additions up to $500,000

No age or inexperienced excesses applicable to plant and machinery operators

Unlimited Towing Costs following an accident or theft

Return of repaired unit to job site

Funeral expenses

Wet and Dry Hire

Hired In Plant / Vehicles

Retrieval Costs to recover immobilised unit where there is no damage


a unique liability coverage for businesses operating in the earthmoving and allied industries

Earthmoving and Civil Contractors Insurance


exclusive liability coverage for Contractors and Sub-Contractors for surface and underground activities.

Mining Contractors Liability Insurance

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